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hiding in the attic

I’ve been in a bit of a fibre frenzy lately, and Dale has been nice enough to grant me a hiatus from the hard slog of renovations…but that doesn’t mean things aren’t getting done round the city house.

Just about a year ago I went off to London with the girls for a pre-wedding broo-ha-ha.

When I got back home this was lurking in the attic!

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Avert your eyes if you can’t take a bit of gore….

What a night!

Dale fell down the stairs of our home at 3am and did a real number on his foot and arm.  Poor fella took the tumble dead on his big toe and broke it.  The other guys were sprained and scraped up(the skin is actually hanging right off) and his whole foot was black and blue and about 3 times the size it usually is.

I found  bag of frozen peas and a few extra pillows and we got the icing and elevated routine going.  Ironically Dale hates peas and was very disappointed when I cam home with the bag in the first place, turns out it was a pretty good idea in the end, ha.

dales toes

Dale rode out the pain during the rest of the  night but by midday decided to hobble down the street to the hospital to get confirmation that indeed, he had broken his first bone.

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going for it

I’ve just put the paint order in and there’s no turning back…blue stairs it is!

Last weekend Dale hooked up the paint sprayer and we covered the front hall top to bottom with a soft milky white.  It’s looking a little plain right now but once we coat the stairs in the F&B Hague Blue it’s going to be lovely.

hague blue inspiration

hague blue inspiration

hague blue inspiration

The colour is just so rich and deep, I think it will be amazing with the orange tones in the wood handrail and spindles we are leaving unpainted.  Depending on the time of day the stairs and floor will change from deep, rich saturated blue through to the darkest shade of inky midnight.  Lovely!

As for the back staircase….the space is so narrow but has really high ceilings so I think it best to treat the stairs as an architectural feature and go really modern with a coat of bold colour.

painted stair inspiration

I like the impact this treatment has, our back staircase leading from the 2nd floor to the kitchen  is just as angular.  This turquoise colour however isn’t really doing it for me.

I am pushing for orange, F&B’s Charlotte’s Locks to be exact.  Orange is a tricky color to get right in paint but Farrow & Ball pretty much nails it though.  What can I say, I love the color orange.

painted stair inspiration

I can’t get enough of this bold burnished orange and how crisp and clean it looks next to white.  Plus it goes so well with the soft greys palette we have chosen for the kitchen and living room.

it’s so nice to be able to think about design decisions now that a huge chunk of the construction has been finished.

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