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continuing the tour…

A quick look at the bathroom (yes I know I post about it all the time, but I really love how it turned out) then off we go down the back stairs!
2nd floor bathroom

2nd floor bathroom

2nd floor bathroom

So calm and lovely in the morning.

I want everything those soft shades of grey, tan and white!

Rear 2nd floor landing
Rear stairs to the left leading to kitchen, 3rd floor stairs to the right leading up to 3rd floor loft. Front stairs forward leading to 1st floor.


The front stairs and 2nd story landing are painted Farrow and Ball’s Drawing Room Blue and the rear stairs are painted F&B’s Charlotte’s Locks

rear staircase

We are so happy to have gone with the bold colour pops throughout the house. It keeps the white from being overwhelming and reflects the fun bursts of colour found in the stained glass.

1st floor stained glass

Those turn of the century folks were not afraid of bold choices either, check out all the hues found in just one window glass!

1st floor room

The front of the house turned out really well. At some point a wall was put up to partition the living and dining room.

When we got the home it was a very vivid blue painted using a high gloss enamel paint…not so great.

After all the plaster repairs we went with a soft and creamy shade of Linen

Large 1st floor Room

1800's detailing

Love how calm it’s turned out, a great complement for all of that great  painted trim and iron work.  And now for the living room!
Living room

More trim, iron work and soft smooth walls. The floor had to be refinished in one area.  Dale managed to match the varnish perfectly and it all came together.

I’ve hung the curtain rod with an exaggerated width and placed the curtains outside the window frame to make what is an already large window seem impossibly huge. Nice trick for this room.

And here’s the kitchen in all it’s AFTER glory!

Completely remodeled Ikea eat-in Kitchen. New Stone counter top, subway tile back-splash, deep stainless under mount double sink, freestanding butcher block island, floating shelves, stained glass, chalkboard wall. Remote controlled ceiling fan with dimmer light. Large Pantry, new wide plank floors, powder room and separate staircase.
Large Modern eat-in Ikea styled County kitchen

It’s funny how you can’t get an idea of the scale of this room since all of the items in it are so large but totally in proportion to the space!

Lets just say some serious parties can happen in here with plenty of room for dancing.
Large Modern Eat-in Ikea styled country kitchen.

Dale’s 1800’s oak Filing Cabinet has found a home in the kitchen.

We are delighted to have found both a space and a new use for it!

This piece is unbeatable for it’s stylish storage, keeping all sorts of goodies out of sight.

1800's filing drawers in kitchen

Another fun piece is this PTA chalkboard.  It’s a great alternative for  artwork in the kitchen as it’s easily washed and won’t be affected by grease, steam or sunlight!
Public Transit Authority Chalk Board

You can’t beat it’s pure functionality,   keeping track of grocery lists while  adding a bit of fun to this small space between the window and door.

Large Modern Eat-in Ikea styled Country kitchen

At night the colours glow. We chose soft creamy tones for the ceiling and upper walls and grounded the space with a grey that  compliments the warm red tones in that wide plank flooring.

Just off the kitchen was an unused skinny closet/storage space under the stairs.

Isn’t a main floor powder room a much better choice?
1st floor Powder Room

1st floor powder room

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the bathrooms are finished!

Sunday night we pushed and pushed and actually got the bathrooms finished.  Thank you Natas for those amazingly delicious xtra large afternoon coffees, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s a refresher of what we were starting with.

bathroom before

bathroom before

bathroom before

bathroom before

No words for it but NASTY!

Nasty no more…..Feast your eyes on the afters!

New flooring, new walls, new plumbing, new ceiling, new tub, new toilet, new surround, new fixtures, new baseboards.  New New New!!!!!!  Can you tell I am proud of what we have pulled off?!

finished upper bathroom

finished bathroom

  • Toilet, bulk purchase @ Peterborough Rona ($120 $70)
  • Sink, Toronto Restore ($40)
  • Stone counter top, Toronto Restore ($39)
  • Flooring, Ottawa Restore ($10)
  • Ikea apelskar taps, ebay ($25)
  • Ikea godmorgon cabinet and handles, As-is Toronto Ikea ($109)
  • Ikea godmorgon cabinet legs, now or never Toronto Ikea ($8 each)
  • Ceiling light fixture, Toronto Restore ($20)
  • Wall light fixture, Toronto Restore ($30)
  • Ikea mirror, re-purposed from our Berryman house (free)
  • Soaker tub, Oshawa Restore ($50)
  • Subway tiles, clearance Stone Tile ($1.14 a square foot)
  • Shower head and taps, Lowes ($79)
  • Curved Shower Bar, Buffalo Home Depot ($24)
  • Shower Curtain and rings, Dollarama ($2)
  • Matchstick blinds, Canadian Tire ($9.99)
  • Wall paint,  mistint Benjamin Moore ($8 one gallon)
  • Trim paint, Ottawa Restore ($50 18.9L)
  • Baseboard trim, Peterborough Restore (1/3 listed price @ homedepot)
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan, Toronto Restore ($5)
  • GFI outlet with built in nightlight, Buffalo Home Depot ($17)
  • Aluminum wallplates, Belleville Restore (.75 cents each)
  • Aluminum vent cover, re-purposed from our Berryman house (free)

and now for the mainfloor!

When we first saw the house there was no main floor bathroom, just a place under the stairs to put junk in.  This is how it looked in all it’s busted up walls, rotting floor and failing plaster glory!


and now we have a new two piece that matches the period style of the house!

finished downstairs bathroom

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40 degrees and rising! part three

Shall we go upstairs?

upper bathroom

I know! I can’t believe that this is FINALLY coming together as well!

This upstairs bathroom was epic, sooo many joints and seams to tape and sand. So many uneven levels and surfaces, so many corners to miter and fit….soooooo hot and stuffy to work in. But look! Look at great it turned out! Next week we will install the vanity, fit the floor grates, and put up the mirror, shower curtain rod, and towel bars.

Check here if you need a refresher on how this bathroom used to look! HUGE STRIDES!

front bedroom

We also have 3 of the 4 large bedrooms patched, painted and fans installed now as well. Curtain rods, blinds, wall plate covers and storage/shelving will go up in all of these rooms next weekend.

middle bedroom

rear bedroom

and the little front bedroom with the most drywall work is almost ready to roll as well.

This room had a horrible built-in bunk bed/desk combo(the former owners solution to dealing with sagging plaster)that needed to come out. We repaired the walls right down to the lathe, rebuilt the baseboard trim and installed an overhead electrical box so we could install a fan which also meant a bit of tricky ceiling mud and patching. We ran out of natural light so the fan blades will have to wait for next weekend.
front small bedroom

This room may be the smallest, but it has the best breeze and the window looks out into the crown of the maple tree. I think its my favorite.

Last but not least, we hooked up the paint sprayer and went to town in the hallways, upper and lower!


Good bye depressing diarrhea brown walls. Hello Clean and Fresh foyer!

front stairs

It seems a bit stark with all the endless white, but I have to keep reminding myself that the punch of colour is on its way! Can’t wait to get the floor and stair paint on there, so lets see what you got to throw at us August, we can take the heat!

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40 degrees and rising! part two

Just off the kitchen (and under the stairs) was a long and narrow space the past owner was using as a closet to store trash and broken bikes in. Seemed like such a waste so we decided to put in a powder room. Laying the tile floor in this room was one of our first jobs but the walls were in such bad shape we had to do some pretty extensive drywall work . Once that was done Dale could plumb in the sink and toilet, install baseboards and trim and run some electricity.

powder room

powder room

These walls took 5 rounds of mudding and sanding, but last weekend we were FINALLY ready to put some paint on the walls. We still have to fasten the mirror to the wall, put up a towel bar, curtain rod and other small stuff, but we are far enough along that I can say we’ve got ourselves a powder room!

powder room tile

Love these etched tiles, the scale has a contemporary feel but the cascading floral pattern is a definite nod to the Victorian era . It was a nice splurge for a small room, $10 a tile from the Ottawa restore.

The Chicago style Pedestal Sink features a geometric shape and a beveled edge, making it work well with both the era of the house and the contemporary design style we are going for in the rest of the joint. The wide faucet deck provides plenty of room for soap and other toiletries and the built-in back splash should keep the walls safe and dry. The sink was purchased at a Toronto restore for $125 and included the taps, can’t beat that.

The shelf above the toilet was an original mantle taken out of a Cabbagetown home and scooped up on the annual yard sale weekend.

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cottage bound for Canada Day!

Like everyone else I will be heading to the cottage for Canada Day, but not before spending a portion of the holiday sanding and mudding at Rubidge.  How can I not after all the hard work Dale put in?

When I left Monday morning to head back to my city life (and day job) Dale stayed behind to try to push forward and make a dent that was noticeable.  He knew I was feeling very discouraged after wrastling with fans all weekend and not seeing much progress.

Wow!  I am grateful!

greyroom before
greyroom before

greyroom mud


That man of mine also got all of the fans up and working, dry-walled the back bedroom, dry-walled the bathroom ceiling, installed a new bathroom ceiling fan, finished the tub, removed the laundry hookups in the kitchen and rebuilt the wall, rewired some new outlets in that grey bedroom and replaced all the missing baseboard and trim in the rest of the house!  Hot Damn!

bathroom trim



So yes, it’s the least I can do tomorrow before we continue on to our holiday.


back bedroom

FYI….You might have noticed that we are using Blue (waterproof) drywall here there and everywhere alongside the regular stuff in our patches and wall repairs.  The Peterborough Home Depot puts all damaged drywall on sale for 50% off.  Since we usually crush corners and/or have the full sheets cut it down for us to fit in the pathfinder anyhow, this is an amazing deal, and why you are seeing a mix and match.  YYYEaaaahhhh deals!

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crazy bout subway tile

I am obsessed with subway tile.
LOOOOVE IT and can’t get enough!

Look how good the tub surround turned out!  Don’t you just love it?
The hand glazed bricks are slightly varied in their shades of white and the resulting random pattern is quite lovely. Dale picked up the tiles from the Stone Tile clearance outlet for $1.14 a square foot. AMAZING!  We picked a matte finish 3×6 field tile style based on info we learned about historically authentic subway tiles from this site.

There was hardly any waste once I got the hang of the tile saw and realized tiny chips from the edge weren’t the end of the world, the grout covers them lickity split.
We got a little ahead of ourselves and mixed up the mortar before researching what we needed to use for spacers…whoops. Thank God for the I-phone, google and this handy tile setter FAQ.  These fellas seemed to think that no spacers are actually needed for 90% of modern subway tiles, so we dove in spacer free.  And it worked! We got all the tiles up on the wall in 4 hours…cleaning up all the hardened mortar took another hour…sigh. Note to self, wipe and clean as you go!
mid grout
I did the grout in the powder room floor so I guess that makes me the official grouter.  Dale put me in charge of this job while he finished installing the kitchen floor.  Second note to self, don’t mix the WHOLE box of grout, a little goes a long way….whoops.

Confession time, I really enjoy grouting. Yup…fave reno job so far….maybe taking a weekend off to go the the cottage between setting the tiles and filling the tiles helped a bit as well, grin.

The bathroom has come a long way, a couple more passes at sanding and mudding and we will be ready to paint!



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we heart the re-store

We are so lucky to have access to 4 Re-Stores in Toronto, and another 4 more on route to Peterborough. I can’t recommend shopping the Re-Store enough, especially if you are doing whole home renos.  How do you feel about paying less than 50% for new stuff that you had to buy anyhow?  I LOVE IT!!!  You won’t believe all the amazing stuff we find!

Our last trip to Ottawa netted us some pretty amazing flooring options for the house, and they were having a 20% off sale. 20% stuff marked down more than 50% anyhow!  AMAZINGGGGGGG and means we can install some pretty lux finishes instead of having to go with the cheapest (in more ways than one) options all the time.

Okay super deal #1

In the upper bathroom we are going with a heavy duty Armstrong commercial floor. It’s a really fresh mix of soft grey and white that is going to look great next to all the white fixtures and chunky woodwork.  This picture isn’t doing the thing justice, it is fresh and modern looking, this ain’t your grannies vinyl flooring.    Added bonus, the solid surface is going to be super easy to clean and durable.  Super bonus, the whole roll only cost $10. Yup, ten bucks. Crazy, I know…even Dale couldn’t argue with that number. SOLD!
bathroom floor
Super deal #2

We were able to pick up lots of adhesive for the sub-floor as well at a bargoon price of $3 bucks a tube rather than the $6.99 Home Depot price tag. Did I mention that everything at the Re-Store is also tax free? There  is a whole whack of new stuff there left over from building projects and housing developments besides all the salvaged goodies.  Plus all of their stock has been donated so every dollar you spend in there goes back to the Habitat for Humanity organization to build houses for families in need.  You can feel pretty smug with yourself  while you are scoring some pretty awesome deals for your own build project. Win win!

Super deal #3

Dale found us a gorgeous Soaker Tub at the Re-Store in Oshawa, normally $500 plus, this one was brand new and marked $50. They had a whole bunch and wanted them out the door! The Oshawa location is also pretty great for gardening supplies, closet organizers, staircases (yes new staircases) and entry doors. Things move really fast at this one.

Super deal #4

While we were there we picked up a whole bunch of paint rollers, trays, rubber gloves and low tack painter’s tape for a fraction of what it normally costs and a few cans of this special paint formulated to remove traces of fire and smoke. We figured it would do the trick with some of our smelly shmoker’s rooms, but the paint ended up being hard as a rock when we opened the cans. Not a problem, the Re-store has a good return policy. As for that person who donated useless paint to a charity rather than disposing of it, shame on you…never donate anything that doesn’t work or is damaged and or broken, the place for that kind of junk is in the garbage.

Super Deal #5 Especially for you!

The 4 Toronto locations are all featuring a 20% off sale this weekend, great chance to go check it out for yourself.

Happy 20th birthday Habitat for Humanity!

Some info about Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. They will train you to do anything you are interested in learning. No skills required, just a big heart, your time and an interest in making someone’s life a little better.

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This is actually an improvement

To clean a mess you’ve got to make a mess…or so I am always telling Dale.  Well he’s one upped me on this one.

Basically I was banished from the bathroom until the dust settled, and then the grand unveiling of the grand un-doing began.

not only was that wretched outdated vanity gone

but so was all the cracked plaster, broken tiles and nasty flooring.


Best of all, the dirty ugly green tub and it’s mildewed liner was gone, and Dale also found the time to put in a fresh new toilet!
This all doesn’t look like progress but trust me when I tell you it is.  Now the walls are pulled down to the lath we can get to work putting it all back together.  Often it’s easier and cheaper to start from scratch if you don’t have much faith in the previous owners handiwork.  Taking walls out gives you a chance to see what has actually gone on before you got there and also allows for pretty easy customization so you can move forward with exactly what you want instead of limiting your choices to working around junk and trying to make everything fit.

In this case we were able to remove some pipes that weren’t in the greatest spots, install electrical outlets, shore up the sub-floor and make sure everything was level and even before we put down the new flooring.

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