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we heart the re-store

We are so lucky to have access to 4 Re-Stores in Toronto, and another 4 more on route to Peterborough. I can’t recommend shopping the Re-Store enough, especially if you are doing whole home renos.  How do you feel about paying less than 50% for new stuff that you had to buy anyhow?  I LOVE IT!!!  You won’t believe all the amazing stuff we find!

Our last trip to Ottawa netted us some pretty amazing flooring options for the house, and they were having a 20% off sale. 20% stuff marked down more than 50% anyhow!  AMAZINGGGGGGG and means we can install some pretty lux finishes instead of having to go with the cheapest (in more ways than one) options all the time.

Okay super deal #1

In the upper bathroom we are going with a heavy duty Armstrong commercial floor. It’s a really fresh mix of soft grey and white that is going to look great next to all the white fixtures and chunky woodwork.  This picture isn’t doing the thing justice, it is fresh and modern looking, this ain’t your grannies vinyl flooring.    Added bonus, the solid surface is going to be super easy to clean and durable.  Super bonus, the whole roll only cost $10. Yup, ten bucks. Crazy, I know…even Dale couldn’t argue with that number. SOLD!
bathroom floor
Super deal #2

We were able to pick up lots of adhesive for the sub-floor as well at a bargoon price of $3 bucks a tube rather than the $6.99 Home Depot price tag. Did I mention that everything at the Re-Store is also tax free? There  is a whole whack of new stuff there left over from building projects and housing developments besides all the salvaged goodies.  Plus all of their stock has been donated so every dollar you spend in there goes back to the Habitat for Humanity organization to build houses for families in need.  You can feel pretty smug with yourself  while you are scoring some pretty awesome deals for your own build project. Win win!

Super deal #3

Dale found us a gorgeous Soaker Tub at the Re-Store in Oshawa, normally $500 plus, this one was brand new and marked $50. They had a whole bunch and wanted them out the door! The Oshawa location is also pretty great for gardening supplies, closet organizers, staircases (yes new staircases) and entry doors. Things move really fast at this one.

Super deal #4

While we were there we picked up a whole bunch of paint rollers, trays, rubber gloves and low tack painter’s tape for a fraction of what it normally costs and a few cans of this special paint formulated to remove traces of fire and smoke. We figured it would do the trick with some of our smelly shmoker’s rooms, but the paint ended up being hard as a rock when we opened the cans. Not a problem, the Re-store has a good return policy. As for that person who donated useless paint to a charity rather than disposing of it, shame on you…never donate anything that doesn’t work or is damaged and or broken, the place for that kind of junk is in the garbage.

Super Deal #5 Especially for you!

The 4 Toronto locations are all featuring a 20% off sale this weekend, great chance to go check it out for yourself.

Happy 20th birthday Habitat for Humanity!

Some info about Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. They will train you to do anything you are interested in learning. No skills required, just a big heart, your time and an interest in making someone’s life a little better.

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