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Beauty and decay

I was cruising the intermawebs today and found  the most beautifully shot interiors.  While we usually save that sort of link re-post for the RS facebook page the subject matter took me back to one of our trips and branched out in a way that couldn’t be properly explored in a one-liner.  Hope you think so too!

Dale and I had travelled to Cuba and were taken not so much by the tourist littered beaches and ho hum resorts, but rather the beauty of Havana and it’s people. Education is prized in a way were rarely see here, and there is a quiet grace to both the spaces and the teamwork involved to achieve the goals of the country as a whole. Do yourself a favour, skip the all inclusive and plan for a good 4 days (at least) in this unexpected city exploring.

havana trip

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progress is stinky business

We spent last night engulfed in a halo of floor adhesive fumes…not the best for a good nights sleep, but a small price to pay for the amazing progress on the third floor.

The drywall is completed. Paint has gone up. And now we are onto the baseboard trim and redoing the stairs.
It looks like hell right now, but have faith, it’s coming together.

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curbside treasures

Super exciting walk to work last week!
On my way to catch the streetcar to work I happened upon these lovely things put out for the trash…


what is it?  and why do I think they were worth digging out, lugging back home and being a tiny bit late for the office, opps. Because these lovelies were just the very EXACT thing we needed! Continue reading

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hiding in the attic

I’ve been in a bit of a fibre frenzy lately, and Dale has been nice enough to grant me a hiatus from the hard slog of renovations…but that doesn’t mean things aren’t getting done round the city house.

Just about a year ago I went off to London with the girls for a pre-wedding broo-ha-ha.

When I got back home this was lurking in the attic!

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spring in my step

Our Toronto Neighbourhood is full of grande old homes spilling over with personality and options.

So with a bag of  7th Sister bagels  under one arm (to join the roll of 5th wheel lacey grey waiting at home) and a sunny afternoon music mix  (itunes’ Genius BEST THING EVER!)   I decided to take the long way home from work last night and pull some ideas for the Rubidge Exterior Paint job.

These old gals are just full of dark trim and red brick inspiration!



I think the third one is my fav.

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home sweet home

I’ve been away from the house for awhile.  Last Friday I left straight from work and took Go Transit to Peterborough and after a few days slugging it out there the Mr. and I drove north to the cottage to put  in the waterline, get the boatlift and dock set up and a few other projects in the vain hopes of getting it open and ready for the season.  Two days at the cabin turned into four unexpected sweaty backbreakers, but that’s a whole other story.

I had to put a stop to the madness and come back to the big city (and my job) at some point, so this morning I made the long haul in.
Ug.  It was 42 degrees with the humidex today and my office doesn’t believe in running the AC, extreme heat advisory or not.

Needless to say I have been looking forward to getting home and enjoying a cool evening at Chez Smith all day.

And look what sprung up while I was away.

Sometimes it’s good to be home

it's good to be home

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