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40 degrees and rising! part three

Shall we go upstairs?

upper bathroom

I know! I can’t believe that this is FINALLY coming together as well!

This upstairs bathroom was epic, sooo many joints and seams to tape and sand. So many uneven levels and surfaces, so many corners to miter and fit….soooooo hot and stuffy to work in. But look! Look at great it turned out! Next week we will install the vanity, fit the floor grates, and put up the mirror, shower curtain rod, and towel bars.

Check here if you need a refresher on how this bathroom used to look! HUGE STRIDES!

front bedroom

We also have 3 of the 4 large bedrooms patched, painted and fans installed now as well. Curtain rods, blinds, wall plate covers and storage/shelving will go up in all of these rooms next weekend.

middle bedroom

rear bedroom

and the little front bedroom with the most drywall work is almost ready to roll as well.

This room had a horrible built-in bunk bed/desk combo(the former owners solution to dealing with sagging plaster)that needed to come out. We repaired the walls right down to the lathe, rebuilt the baseboard trim and installed an overhead electrical box so we could install a fan which also meant a bit of tricky ceiling mud and patching. We ran out of natural light so the fan blades will have to wait for next weekend.
front small bedroom

This room may be the smallest, but it has the best breeze and the window looks out into the crown of the maple tree. I think its my favorite.

Last but not least, we hooked up the paint sprayer and went to town in the hallways, upper and lower!


Good bye depressing diarrhea brown walls. Hello Clean and Fresh foyer!

front stairs

It seems a bit stark with all the endless white, but I have to keep reminding myself that the punch of colour is on its way! Can’t wait to get the floor and stair paint on there, so lets see what you got to throw at us August, we can take the heat!

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