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nothing says congrats like a homecooked plate of perogies!

Dinner was fantastic tonight.  There’s something about someone else cooking for you that makes the heart melt. it’s an even better meal when it’s unexpected and congratulatory, with the extra bonus of Dale being one heck of a good cook!  mmmmmm.  I was welcomed home tonight with a warm meal, supportive hug and a loving “well done baby”. Continue reading

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always room to grow

Sometimes we struggle with the mammoth tasks we set ourselves.
Asking ourselves, are we dreaming too big? taking on too much?

But I tend to think that all that reaching, and trying, and learning is what’s essentially keeping Dale and I happy, grounded and feeling so alive and excited to meet each new day. Continue reading

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Great UK television

A brilliant mini doc series.  I love all of the challenges, tears,and triumphs! Continue reading

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Had the best news in the world today!
Life changing, future driving, ‘grin a mile wide’ kinda news….only we can’t really talk about it yet. Continue reading


When Sandy comes to town

Some more photos from the Long Island boat yard.

250 catalina in the boatyard

250 catalina in the boatyard Continue reading

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Anchors away!

We drove down to Long Island a few weeks ago to have a look at Dale’s newest project, a 2004 Catalina 250 Sailboat.

Dale’s an ace at fibreglass repair, often travelling to storm damaged areas to pick up a vessel that’s been tossed about and written off to salvage.  Give that man a season to make the repairs and he’ll give you a gorgeous sea worthy sailboat in return.  This one will be the 7th sail boat Dale has completed, and it’s back to his favourite manufacturer as well. Continue reading

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another gentle nudge in nantucket

One night after dinner Dale and I took a stroll down the Old South Warf of Nantucket  and, in the least likely of places, had another brush with the loom.

Operating out of a Scallop Shack festooned with soft woolly blankets and silky throws was Karin Sheppard. Karin is an island native, the perfect person to talk to about life on the island and following her passion for weaving.  With an infectious and welcoming laugh she happily beckoned us into her studio and  launched into her story without missing a beat. Continue reading

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Sometimes inspiration arrives in the most round about way.

Last summer we took a trip to Nantucket after a friend’s Boston area wedding. It was a very spur of the moment plan made at the last min, and one of our best ideas ever!

A life changing idea.

So an amazing beach vacation was a no brainer, what i hadn’t factored in was the huge appreciation for handiwork and traditional craftsmanship that exists on the island. There were artists everywhere, producing incredible works and being totally appreciated for their contributions to the local landscape. It was glorious.

weaving room

A trip down Orange st brought us to the bright and loft like studio of Swedish weaver Anna Lynn. Anna came to the United States in 1980 to study textile design at the Pratt Institute in New York City later finding her way to Nantucket via the Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts. She has been working on the island since 1984 weaving rugs, tapestries and fabrics, as well as collecting and importing vintage Swedish textiles.

weaving room loom

A gracious woman, Anna took the time to explain her looms and give me a walk through her wool and rag stash explaining how she finished works and inserted her own memories to each piece using colour and texture.

Fringed wool-mohair throws, in colors often inspired by the ocean, are 4 by 6 feet ($325); for a thicker weave, she combines mohair and alpaca, and for shine, she adds silk threads. Custom cotton rugs up to 12 feet wide (or wider, if the pieces are sewn together) are $40 a square foot; wool rugs are $80 to $100 a square foot.

weaving room

I left that day with so many questions to ask and ideas I wanted to explore.
Bitten for sure!

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