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cheezie fingers…and other bad habits

The new Goop newsletter showed up today and the subject was How to Break a Habit… or Start a New One .  A timely subject  as we have been changing our routines and setting about following a different path lately.

the power of habit

Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit

There’s a portion in the Q&A with Jeremy Dean, the author of the book Making Habits, Breaking Habits, that offers up some great strategies for creating new habits and getting rid of old ones.

When you’re trying to change a habit, you’re going to have this fight, this kind of willpower battle, between the new habit and the old habit. After a period of repetition, though, the new response will take over and you won’t need the willpower anymore. What you’re looking for is for that new response to be automatic, so you don’t have to have that tussle with your willpower.”

The  fasting at our house was a fight of epic proportions.  Sometimes you just have to go cold turkey, pare down your food intake to a few simple components and let your body go through the struggle  of giving up  old fail safes and bad habits.  It’s tough, but eventually as the author says, the new response will take over and you won’t have to tussle with your willpower.

Another handy strategy is having a Pre-commitment in place.  Jeremy Dean suggests thinking ahead to times when you’re going to be tempted to follow your old habits, and create a plan for committing yourself in advance to your new habit.   This is one time where it is OK to rehearse calamity!  When you’re feeling strong, you make a decision so that when you’re feeling weaker and more susceptible later, the temptation will be gone. If you’re trying to cut  down on tv, put the remote out in your glovebox.    It’s not a forever strategy but until the new habit has been created it’s a great way to not loose that hard fought territory.

You’d be amazed how much weaving cuts down on the snacking, kinda hard to justify orange tainted cheezie fingers all over those beautiful threads, ha.

cheezie fingers
so say you’ve not got a loom to distract you and you still want top make some small changes to your own habits…

Check out Tiny Habits w/ BJ Fogg.   You pick 3 tiny habits you want to start and for the next 5 days you will get a daily email and reminder from this Standford PHD.  It’s super easy to follow along, and the joining the online program is free.

Yup, emailing you out of the good of his heart…This TED Talks alumni just wants to show you how easy it can be to make a change become habit.

It’s a very interesting approach to making small and realistic changes.  Registration starts every Friday!  Let’s do it!

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Spot of sun makes things grow

Warm pancakes soaked with Homemade maple syrup
Crocus and Hen & Chick poking up in the sunshine
2 little dogs excited to explore High Park
Cashmere, silk, mohair and merino together again and off the loom Continue reading

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quick hits of delicious inspiration

Pssssst,  there’s a whole other side to this site that you might not know about.
We tend to save the quick hits of inspiration for our facebook page.

It’s where we post stuff like this

renovationslaves facebooik blueprint for your wall Continue reading

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progress is stinky business

We spent last night engulfed in a halo of floor adhesive fumes…not the best for a good nights sleep, but a small price to pay for the amazing progress on the third floor.

The drywall is completed. Paint has gone up. And now we are onto the baseboard trim and redoing the stairs.
It looks like hell right now, but have faith, it’s coming together.

3rd floor reno stairs Continue reading

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Great UK television

A brilliant mini doc series.  I love all of the challenges, tears,and triumphs! Continue reading

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Anchors away!

We drove down to Long Island a few weeks ago to have a look at Dale’s newest project, a 2004 Catalina 250 Sailboat.

Dale’s an ace at fibreglass repair, often travelling to storm damaged areas to pick up a vessel that’s been tossed about and written off to salvage.  Give that man a season to make the repairs and he’ll give you a gorgeous sea worthy sailboat in return.  This one will be the 7th sail boat Dale has completed, and it’s back to his favourite manufacturer as well. Continue reading

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phew what a year

It’s been quite some time since the last post hasn’t it?

Plenty of projects to get caught up with however!

  • We finished up all the work at the Peterborough place (well almost all the work…) and have had 2 successful seasons of great renters for all our efforts.
  • A big ol push went on at our Lakeside Cabin, yes dear friends all this time we have been pulling double duty renovating the heck out of our 1920’s cottage since we purchased it 4 years ago
  • And last but not least, third floor extensions, basement suites, and more to our home in the city.

Oh and a Snowy Montreal wedding!

So now you see why I haven’t had much blogging downtime, grin.

bridal bouquet

Went to the market that morning, then back to the hotel to whip up this bouquet up out of what I had found. Pink it is!

one last look

one last look before heading to meet Dale.

Dale and I sneaking off as Mr and Mrs. xo

Dale and I sneaking off as Mr and Mrs. xo

just two dutch girls scrounging for cheese...

just two dutch girls scrounging for cheese…

post ceremony quick change

post ceremony quick change

Lilliput Hats

just a lil somethin somethin karyn whipped up for me at Lilliput Hats

mr and mrs smith

Mr and Mrs Smith

Dale looking so very handsome

Dale looking so very handsome

Mr and Mrs Smith sharing a quiet moment.

Mr and Mrs Smith sharing a quiet moment.

hanging out on the street

hanging out on the street

Gratuitous dress shots!

Gratuitous dress shots! Mustard dress was for the next evening (new years), Champagne dress for kicking up my heels after the ceremony.

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