hiding in the attic

I’ve been in a bit of a fibre frenzy lately, and Dale has been nice enough to grant me a hiatus from the hard slog of renovations…but that doesn’t mean things aren’t getting done round the city house.

Just about a year ago I went off to London with the girls for a pre-wedding broo-ha-ha.

When I got back home this was lurking in the attic!



Our tiny 3rd floor bedroom was getting an extension leading out to a roof top deck.  pretty spiffy right?!

Did I mention that was a year (or more) ago….

Ok Ok, to be fair we have been juggling renos on 3 properties so something will always get shoved to the side. Sadly  this project was the one that got the short straw.  Since I have been weaving and craving/demanding a space of my own Dale has gotten back on it again with plans to free up a space for me on the second floor once this is done.

Here’s the space  pre-reno.  Dark, stuffy and small. I went upstairs to have a look this morning and see where the space was at.

attic room before

before of attic room, cramped and shabby.

hardwood in attic

new hardwood on the floor, even in the closet!

Half wall built

Half wall built! New drywall up, crumbling plaster removed.

 drywall the ceiling

Dale’s platform above the stairs, all the better to drywall the ceiling with. yikes!

Floating ceiling detail

Floating ceiling detail to address the seam between new and old structure.

Double bed tucked into the dormer windows safe behind the plastic sheeting

more drywall just waiting to be mudded

more drywall just waiting to be mudded

pot lights

pot lights wired and ready for placement once mudding and painting is done.

Two sets of french doors open onto the roof top deck.

Roof top decking in Ipe

Roof top decking in Ipe. Flashing ready to roll and new 4×4 skylight put in for my new studio!

Cedar and Ipe privacy fencing for the neighbours

built in storage bench seating for the deck. Cedar and Ipe privacy fencing for the neighbours.

floating celiing

floating ceiling detail with lights to illuminate the stairwell below.

floating Ikea cabinets

floating Ikea besta cabinets mounted to the half wall.

Soon an elevated glass worktop will be mounted above this as a second work space


  Evidence that Dale’s electrical is to code unlike the ‘handiwork’ left to us by the former occupants….

live wire

live wire left loose inside the wall by the former owners.

FYI  It’s ok to scream when you find something like this in your wall…we did.

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