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always room to grow

Sometimes we struggle with the mammoth tasks we set ourselves.
Asking ourselves, are we dreaming too big? taking on too much?

But I tend to think that all that reaching, and trying, and learning is what’s essentially keeping Dale and I happy, grounded and feeling so alive and excited to meet each new day. Continue reading

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Maple Buttermilk Pie

It’s sugaring season folks.

Just about this time of year we head north east and volunteer at a friends maple syrup farm. Our job is to boil down the syrup and pour it over trays of fresh snow so visitors to the farm can twirl the cooling Maple Taffy around sticks n pop it into their mouths, it’s a sticky job but someone’s got to do it. Continue reading

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a circuitous life

It’s official, I’ve joined a guild!
I’m now a proud member of the Etobicoke Spinners and Weaving guild.

Went to my first meeting last night, and it turned out to be a doozy…I’ll tell you all about it, but we have to rewind a few days.

Continue reading

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phew what a year

It’s been quite some time since the last post hasn’t it?

Plenty of projects to get caught up with however!

  • We finished up all the work at the Peterborough place (well almost all the work…) and have had 2 successful seasons of great renters for all our efforts.
  • A big ol push went on at our Lakeside Cabin, yes dear friends all this time we have been pulling double duty renovating the heck out of our 1920’s cottage since we purchased it 4 years ago
  • And last but not least, third floor extensions, basement suites, and more to our home in the city.

Oh and a Snowy Montreal wedding!

So now you see why I haven’t had much blogging downtime, grin.

bridal bouquet

Went to the market that morning, then back to the hotel to whip up this bouquet up out of what I had found. Pink it is!

one last look

one last look before heading to meet Dale.

Dale and I sneaking off as Mr and Mrs. xo

Dale and I sneaking off as Mr and Mrs. xo

just two dutch girls scrounging for cheese...

just two dutch girls scrounging for cheese…

post ceremony quick change

post ceremony quick change

Lilliput Hats

just a lil somethin somethin karyn whipped up for me at Lilliput Hats

mr and mrs smith

Mr and Mrs Smith

Dale looking so very handsome

Dale looking so very handsome

Mr and Mrs Smith sharing a quiet moment.

Mr and Mrs Smith sharing a quiet moment.

hanging out on the street

hanging out on the street

Gratuitous dress shots!

Gratuitous dress shots! Mustard dress was for the next evening (new years), Champagne dress for kicking up my heels after the ceremony.

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