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quick hits of delicious inspiration

Pssssst,  there’s a whole other side to this site that you might not know about.
We tend to save the quick hits of inspiration for our facebook page.

It’s where we post stuff like this

renovationslaves facebooik blueprint for your wall Continue reading

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my first customer!

I had my first commission last month.  A custom scarf requested in the softest inky Shi Bui Silk Mohair you could ever imagine. Continue reading

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Marimekko, with love

Currently on display at The Textile Museum of Canada is a comprehensive retrospective, Marimekko, With Love curated by Shauna McCabe.

Marimekko textiles art by the yard

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phew what a year

It’s been quite some time since the last post hasn’t it?

Plenty of projects to get caught up with however!

  • We finished up all the work at the Peterborough place (well almost all the work…) and have had 2 successful seasons of great renters for all our efforts.
  • A big ol push went on at our Lakeside Cabin, yes dear friends all this time we have been pulling double duty renovating the heck out of our 1920’s cottage since we purchased it 4 years ago
  • And last but not least, third floor extensions, basement suites, and more to our home in the city.

Oh and a Snowy Montreal wedding!

So now you see why I haven’t had much blogging downtime, grin.

bridal bouquet

Went to the market that morning, then back to the hotel to whip up this bouquet up out of what I had found. Pink it is!

one last look

one last look before heading to meet Dale.

Dale and I sneaking off as Mr and Mrs. xo

Dale and I sneaking off as Mr and Mrs. xo

just two dutch girls scrounging for cheese...

just two dutch girls scrounging for cheese…

post ceremony quick change

post ceremony quick change

Lilliput Hats

just a lil somethin somethin karyn whipped up for me at Lilliput Hats

mr and mrs smith

Mr and Mrs Smith

Dale looking so very handsome

Dale looking so very handsome

Mr and Mrs Smith sharing a quiet moment.

Mr and Mrs Smith sharing a quiet moment.

hanging out on the street

hanging out on the street

Gratuitous dress shots!

Gratuitous dress shots! Mustard dress was for the next evening (new years), Champagne dress for kicking up my heels after the ceremony.

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there’s a girl in there someplace

I have blisters today.  Not from construction work….nope.

Much sadder than that,

Dale left for Peterborough yesterday morning and I was on my own for a couple of days (day job and all).  Whenever that happens it seems as though I go into girlie overdrive in the vain hopes of getting some sort of equilibrium to my otherwise dusty routine.  and maybe remind myself that I have more range than my usual weekend crazy person look.

hard to believe but yes, the same girl

hard to believe but yes, the same girl

So with no bathroom to share, breakfast to be made, or dogs to be walked; the hair went up, lipstick went on,  a dress was pulled out of the closet and with my beloved pumps and trusty orange Birkin bag  off I skipped to work.

I bought these shoes in Brooklyn when Dale and I were first dating…it was love at first try-on.

beloved steve madden kitten heels

There was a time when I could wear these suckers all day they were just that comfortable.  I could run for the streetcar, walk the dogs, trot down the street, and up and down stairs with ease.

I wore these badboys yesterday and today I paid the price.  BLISTER CITY!!!!! My feet are telling me there is no room for this sort of girlie fussiness in my life right now.  It’s construction boots, flip flops or nothin from now on.

I know the end of this project is near, I can almost taste the freedom of a weekend brunch with friends…almost!

And until then I will stick with ballet flats.

Rampage Hadassah Ballerina Flat