We went for a little road trip and stumbled upon an estate sale.
2 little old ladies (sisters) had outlived their husbands and were  happily crafting their days away in this house.

oh god, what a collection of stuff.

Each room upstairs was filled with a different theme….ladies loved the dolls so much they filled 2 rooms!

buffalo estate sale

buffalo estate sale

buffalo estate sale

buffalo estate sale

I like to think of this as the closet that time forgot…not sure who’s in the market for a 3$ perm at least 20 yrs old though…

buffalo estate sale

buffalo estate sale

buffalo estate sale

and we almost bought this game….

buffalo estate sale

buffalo estate sale

But got totally distracted when we hit the ‘craft rooms’ and forgot to go back for it!

buffalo estate sale

good god, every craft known to man from the 30’s onwards is living in here!

At the beginning of the journey I had mentioned to Dale that I wanted him to make me a little ‘sample’ loom.  something small and square with nails spaced around the perimeter that I could experiment with colours and yarns without having to warp up a whole loom.  He didn’t think it would be a problem and I’d have it sooner than later.

Um yeah….I’ll say.

buffalo estate sale

Low and behold there were 5 such contraptions waiting for me under a table in one of the upper bedrooms! How’s that for a manifested destiny?!

This seems to be happening to the both of us with increasing frequency, and I think it’s just wonderful!

Quick grab em honey!

So here is what we did decide to take home with us.
Laura’s big ol crafty Estate day score

  • large crate of 1950’s mary maxim wool
  • large crate of pre-cut strips of heavy wool Hudson Bay Blanket (for a future rug)
  • 5 Handicraft weaving sample looms
  • 2 large canisters of vintage glass glitter
  • antique set of hand painted Bavarian Porcelain with the sweetest violets

Estate Sale Treasures

Handicraft Weaving Sample Loom

Bavarian Hand Painted Porcelain

dexter's one pound glass glitter

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One thought on “a-la-ka-zammmmm!

  1. handmadebyjo says:

    I think you are living my life! Although after reading this post I think I may be that little old lady someday with all of my rooms filled with vintage crafting supplies! More than a little scary. And that closet from the 1960’s I have that now. Sad. One day maybe I will gut that room and throw it all away, for now there it stays, a time capsule.

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