progress is stinky business

We spent last night engulfed in a halo of floor adhesive fumes…not the best for a good nights sleep, but a small price to pay for the amazing progress on the third floor.

The drywall is completed. Paint has gone up. And now we are onto the baseboard trim and redoing the stairs.
It looks like hell right now, but have faith, it’s coming together.

3rd floor reno stairs

Chipping away the old wood treads to fit the new clean edge profile.

3rd floor reno stairs

3rd floor reno stairs

Meanwhile the drywall has been finished and the beginnings of a great space can now be visualized!

3rd floor reno drywall and paint

3rd floor reno drywall and paint 3rd floor reno drywall and paintMuch to Dale’s horror the primer is a rather fleshy tone of pink….

3rd floor reno drywall and paint

looks like Neapolitan ice-cream next to the old colour of Ghastly Greeen….ha!

3rd floor reno drywall and paint

farrow and ball paint colours

and after much deliberation Farrow and Ball’s Blackened is the Winner!  It’s a great shade of blue-grey that will look fantastic with the sweeping changes of light this space experiences throughout the day.  Historically made with the addition of ‘lamp black’, it’s a complex neutral perfectly suited to a creative space.  It’s like being wrapped up inside a silver cloud.

It’s so helpful to be able to find great online reference for Farrow and Ball colours.  This kitchen gives a wonderful example visualizing how wood tones and white as an accent brings out a fresh blue. Almost like bottle glass.

farrow and ball blackened

In low light with darker accents the grey goes soft and warm.  The room will feel drawn in and inviting in the evenings. Perfect with our cozy double bed tucked under the eaves.

farrow and ball blackened

This is going to be a great multi purpose studio space for Dale especially with those wide open views of the city from the roof top deck and floor to ceiling wall of french doors.  Lucky Duck!

3rd floor reno rooftop view

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One thought on “progress is stinky business

  1. dgwolf says:

    What a glorious house!

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