nothing says congrats like a homecooked plate of perogies!

Dinner was fantastic tonight.  There’s something about someone else cooking for you that makes the heart melt. it’s an even better meal when it’s unexpected and congratulatory, with the extra bonus of Dale being one heck of a good cook!  mmmmmm.  I was welcomed home tonight with a warm meal, supportive hug and a loving “well done baby”.

We made a post a while back, something rather exciting was in the works but I wasn’t really able to dish the details at the time.  Tonight it’s all out there! This was my first night in my new role as a weaving instructor at the Toronto Weaving School!  I’ll be teaching Monday and Wednesday nights, and working on filling in the holes in my own skills in the process with the help of my new mentor.

toronto weaving school

toronto weaving school

toronto weaving school

I’ve also begun an apprenticeship placement with Line Dufour.  Art and weaving magazines such as Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot and Southwest Art have spotlighted her work and more recently a book entitled Tapestry, published by Phaidon Press and written by Barty Phillips in Great Britain bestowed Dufour with the title of “Contemporary Master”. She is one of only two Canadians to appear in this international and historical retrospective on tapestry.

To make a long story short Line approached me at the end of last semester with the idea of teaching and mentoring, and I was more than delighted to say YES!!

line dufour tapestry

That duck ‘painting’ is a tapestry, for real…insane!  Her work is divine!

line dufour tapestry

This woven piece was inspired by a child’s painting.

Right now Line’s working on an international piece  titled “Fate, Destiny and Self Determination” stemming from an Ontario Arts Council grant.  It’s a great project open for contributions from anyone regardless of previous weaving experience. If you wanted to submit a section please let me know! If you can’t weave, you can knit, crochet, felt, etc….the shape will be added with your name and location noted in the work. Brilliant!

toronto weaving school

I love this quote from Line, “People often ask me what has led me to weave tapestries. I tell them I didn’t choose it, it chose me. Some power other than what seems measurable by human means, seems to lead me on this pilgrimage.” 
I feel very much the same, and love how the steps toward reaching our goals keep laying themselves out one by one for Dale and I.

Thank goodness for dreamers.

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2 thoughts on “nothing says congrats like a homecooked plate of perogies!

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  2. This is exciting news! Congratulations Laura!

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