my first customer!

I had my first commission last month.  A custom scarf requested in the softest inky Shi Bui Silk Mohair you could ever imagine.

I started the weaving on our long drive to NYC, it was to eventually make it’s way to Alberta.  It’s safe to say, this is a well travelled piece.


hinterland handwoven fogorig and smith mohair silk scarf

I wanted to post pictures as soon as it was completed but had to wait until it’s recipient got her package in the post. That only seemed fair, especially as I had added a little surprise!

A hand stitched embroidered linen tag with her initials T.H.

hinterland handwoven fogorig and smith mohair silk scarf
The feedback was lovely!

“It’s perfect. And divine! Oh my god. Oh wow I was like look at the monogram!
I look like a bag right now but it’s making me look like a million!
Thank you so much! Please make a thousand an apply to the next one of a kind.”

With such wonderful support, I am filled with renewed confidence.  Who wouldn’t be?
Watch out Etsy, I’m looking at you….

FYI, It’s not easy to come up with a stylish and light way to package textiles for air mail.

This handmade glassine envelope with a Hinterlands Tag and the brightest Cornflower Blue Rubber Band was just the thing.  Dale creates the most beautiful artwork and gets the vision I have every-time.

hinterland handwoven fogorig and smith mohair silk scarf
Don’t let the glossy website throw you, in addition to his motion graphics work, he’s quite the genius when it comes to logos, type and appreciating handcrafts.

I am blessed to have both him and all the use of his in house services, ha.
Drop him a line if you are looking for a logo or some packaging ideas as well.
Workinc email


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2 thoughts on “my first customer!

  1. Randy says:

    I was about to mention the great art direction, and realized you have great art direction ‘on-staff’

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