always room to grow

Sometimes we struggle with the mammoth tasks we set ourselves.
Asking ourselves, are we dreaming too big? taking on too much?

But I tend to think that all that reaching, and trying, and learning is what’s essentially keeping Dale and I happy, grounded and feeling so alive and excited to meet each new day. It’s not that we don’t experience set backs, or have bad days, or missed opportunities.  we do…who doesn’t?!  Just with so much to do spread out in front of us there isn’t ever any time to look backwards and dwell on the could have’s and might en we’s…instead we stand tall, face to the the wind, welcoming the challenges of the day.  It works for us.

happy people

enjoying the wonderfully messy complicated life we have built together.

I came across this article today, 22 things happy people do differently
The premise is quite simple.  Happy people have good habits that enhance their lives. They do things differently.

There’s always room for improvement in our lives, that’s for sure.  In the spirit of spring growth I’m going to be more mindful of these choices, and work hard to convert them into daily habits.

#19 may be a real stumbling block for both of us however, ha!

  1.  Don’t hold grudges.
  2. Treat everyone with kindness.
  3.  See problems as challenges.
  4.  Express gratitude for what they already have.
  5.  Dream big.
  6.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  7. Speak well of others.
  8. Never make excuses.
  9. Get absorbed into the present.
  10.  Wake up at the same time every morning. (Does it count if it’s not a particularly early time of day?)
  11. Avoid social comparison.
  12. Choose friends wisely.
  13. Never seek approval from others.
  14. Take the time to listen.
  15. Nurture social relationships. (this has been on the top of my needs improvement list for 2013!)
  16. Meditate.
  17. Eat well. (needs improvement!)
  18. Exercise. (eh hem, see above….)
  19. Live minimally. (this will never happen…)
  20. Tell the truth.
  21. Establish personal control.
  22. Accept what cannot be changed.

Do you think there’s a formula for happiness, a mantra, or manifestation you can use? I’d love to hear what works for you!

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One thought on “always room to grow

  1. Kate Golding says:

    Yes, yes and yes!! xoxo

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