Great UK television

A brilliant mini doc series.  I love all of the challenges, tears,and triumphs!

Mastercrafts, A great admirer of British crafts, Monty Don presents a new series celebrating the nation’s craftsmanship and the recent renaissance in traditional crafts.

and yes one of those featured is Weaving!!!!!

mastercrafts bbc2 weaving

Under Monty Don’s watchful eye, three hopefuls who want to learn how to weave are put through their paces by the country’s leading practitioners. The trainees are immersed in the world of weaving, attempting to sell their woven wares to the general public. Their final test is to both design and weave three-metre lengths of fabric — to be judged by Michelle Bowen from the Arts Council and Angela Swan from the Worshipful Company of Weavers.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

Blacksmith, Thatch, Wood Craft, Stained Glass and Stone masonry; you can find out more about the rest of the series here.

There needs to be more celebration of hand crafting on this side of the ocean as well don’t you think? 
Wouldn’t you rather watch this than trailer parks, gypsies, and pawnbrokers?

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5 thoughts on “Great UK television

  1. dgwolf says:

    Ty so much for sharing!

    • renovationslave says:

      Dale’s itching to get started on the stone-masonry episodes. He’s going to need it come june, but that’s a whole other blog post!

      • dgwolf says:

        Oh. I was introduced to stone and brick masonry at a very early age.
        That is not only an amazing skill, but the roots of it go back through all of human history.
        I must admit, there have been many times through the years when I have wished I had specialized in that.
        In my own life, though almost everything I do is about the practical …. The making things work in the real world … There is this very large
        Art of my soul that wants to make things in the REAL world.

  2. ulitasloom says:

    Thanks for posting ! I already now what I´m gonna do tonight!

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