Anchors away!

We drove down to Long Island a few weeks ago to have a look at Dale’s newest project, a 2004 Catalina 250 Sailboat.

Dale’s an ace at fibreglass repair, often travelling to storm damaged areas to pick up a vessel that’s been tossed about and written off to salvage.  Give that man a season to make the repairs and he’ll give you a gorgeous sea worthy sailboat in return.  This one will be the 7th sail boat Dale has completed, and it’s back to his favourite manufacturer as well.

2004 28 foot  Catalina

Check out that smile!  Who can say no to that kind of passion?

He loves the hunt for the boat, all the research it takes to know what’s involved, the tally of parts needed, and the searching and cruising of boat salvage yards and west marine for bits and bobs.  I’m not a huge fan of the fibreglass work and sanding, but I have been known to give a hand with painting hulls and fitting custom covers from time to time.  The side trips down to Florida for ‘boat research’ ain’t too bad either.

Hurricane Sandy’s magnitude along the east coast was so vast this winter another sailboat salvage dream was born amidst all that damage.  There’s a glut of boats, and sadly with boat yards up and down the coast decimated as well, there just aren’t any resources to be able to cope with the volume of salvage.  The insurance companies need the boats gone, and this influx of trade helps struggling yards rebuild and be able to keep staff on. It’s been 4 years since we sold the last boat (2006 Hunter 38 ) so it’s not really too much of a surprise that Dale’s boating fever hit hard.

My only stipulations were

  1.  family friendly
  2. easy to solo sail
  3.  quick to clean
  4. small investment of repair time and cash

Give that man a challenge and boy oh boy will he rise to it!  c250mkII-finalHP

Look at this little gal, ain’t she a beaut?!

Sometimes a storm damaged boat sits under water for awhile and the electronics and cabin wood work gets compromised as well. We were beyond delighted to find out the inside was DRY!!!!

a little messy, but just in need of a few pots of damp rid now and a good scrub come spring.


catalina 2004 28 sailboat kitchen

catalina 2004 28 sailboat head

catalina 2004 28 sailboat cabin

There’s great set of sails and all the rigging is intact as well.

catalina 2004 28 sailboat deck

Looks like the damage is mostly concentrated to a small amount of ground Fibreglass on the bow for Dale to repair.

catalina 2004 28 sailboat bow damage

Much better than we imagined it would be!

He’s told me I can name her…any suggestions?

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6 thoughts on “Anchors away!

  1. mchrisk72 says:

    Looks like a great project.

  2. dgwolf says:

    Gotta suggest …. Salvation envy!

  3. the Lovely Laura????????????? xcx

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