curbside treasures

Super exciting walk to work last week!
On my way to catch the streetcar to work I happened upon these lovely things put out for the trash…


what is it?  and why do I think they were worth digging out, lugging back home and being a tiny bit late for the office, opps. Because these lovelies were just the very EXACT thing we needed!

Let me explain. The ‘not so handy’ previous owners of our city house tore out one of the original bedroom door frames (only one mind you) replacing it with this horror of 80’s slap dash ‘modern’ styling.  Yikes. Thank god they ran out of steam with their customization and left the rest of all the trim upstairs intact.

I don’t even know how to describe this thing….post-modern inverted pyramid? urban primitive, tex mex restaurant? some lame attempt at art deco architecture?  oh god, I think I just threw up in my mouth.

horrible 80's door frame


What do you do with this except look at it every day with hate in your eye.
Until….someone with the same house decides to rip out the very same turn of the century trim you need!

a voila, harmony on the second floor once again.

original door frame trim

and now you also know we are not above a garbage pick or two.

We can’t be alone here, dish!  What was your best curbside treasure find?

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One thought on “curbside treasures

  1. I have had too many to remember, let alone mention. But I can assure you each one was then re-whichever process it required and sold for profit. As I have none I them in my possession. My first was old windows, everyone thought I was crazy. Sold!
    Fort McMurray is not a curb style community though. But you can get an old tv or range at the dump for cheap!

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