not entirely unlike a blind date….

for the last two weekends Dale and I have been showing the house.  We put up an ad on the local university’s off campus housing site with a few of our best photos and a steady stream of calls have come in.  SOOOOOO glad, but that was just the first hurdle.

Trying to show an unfinished house for Sept rental with less than a month of renovation time ahead of you is a bit tricky.  Even more tricky when you are showing to wary parents eager to find the best possible accommodations for their new fledglings.  I put on my date face, and started the spin.

“Oh I know the paint is peeling, but all that will be finished by the time you move in of course…”

“why yes, the living room is full of crap and building supplies, but trust me the room is huge and its going to be great!”

“hmmmm, the glass in the window is cracked?  so it is, an easy fix that will be done before your child arrives…”

“the front door is missing a handle and lock, but don’t worry, the place is totally secure!”

and so it went.

Some people got it, while others just thought we were more than a little  crazy and totally overwhelmed…and perhaps there was some truth in both.  ha.

My fav viewing had to be the parent and daughter who seemed disappointed that there were only 2 bathrooms.

I wonder what is going to become of those kids who have grown up with everything.   Must be hard when you get out on your own and realize you have a degree (just like everyone else), and no guarantee of a job (just like everyone else) and are a long way from being able to provide or meet the standards that were set in the house you grew up in.  No ensuites, no walk in closets, no great room with floor to ceiling stone walls, no granite countertops and stove top pasta faucet, no travetine bathrooms, no suv and double car garage, no 6 figure salary.

Guess what kid, like the rest of us, your first place is going to look more like this

or perhaps this.

I dunno bout you but my student flophouses apartments didn’t come close to being newly renovated let alone even clean when I got them, and in one case  I had a bathroom just like this one…except it was carpeted, yes carpeted….

But I digress…

The happy news for this week is , with12 days left to our finish day we have successfully rented all 4 of the large bedrooms to a great group of young adults!

And now for the big push!

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