40 degrees and rising! part one

So it’s been hotter than hell lately.  Seriously.

Dale and I did not factor in high heat and crushing dehydration when we set up our renovation schedule.  Most of our past projects have happened with snow still on the ground and in hindsight that is a far better time to be tearing out the guts of a house than in July and Aug.

Last weekend we were looking at temps of over 42 degrees and this past weekend we hit 45 degrees.  Hard to stay motivated and on track with this sort of heat bearing down on you..and no AC.
Still, I am so proud of where we find ourselves now.  Most of the drywall and mudding we had been struggling with has been finished, rooms are painted and flooring is in.

Lets start with the kitchen!

Friday was looking like this when we arrived…

While I was busy sanding upstairs  Dale got to work fastening all the cupboards to the wall, installed a floating shelf or two and finished cutting and installing all the baseboards and trim into the room.  I had already done a final sanding of all the kitchen patches and skim coated the walls so he got right down to painting the space as well!

We put the dolly to work and moved the fridge from it’s temp spot in the living room and unloaded the GIANT 1800’s cabinet off the U-haul Trailer and into the space. Things are a little pulled forward from the walls (so the paint can dry) but you get the idea.




We will put in a subway tile back splash next weekend, along with some metal shelves and task lighting above the sink and a cupboard or two above the stove and fridge.

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