cottage bound for Canada Day!

Like everyone else I will be heading to the cottage for Canada Day, but not before spending a portion of the holiday sanding and mudding at Rubidge.  How can I not after all the hard work Dale put in?

When I left Monday morning to head back to my city life (and day job) Dale stayed behind to try to push forward and make a dent that was noticeable.  He knew I was feeling very discouraged after wrastling with fans all weekend and not seeing much progress.

Wow!  I am grateful!

greyroom before
greyroom before

greyroom mud


That man of mine also got all of the fans up and working, dry-walled the back bedroom, dry-walled the bathroom ceiling, installed a new bathroom ceiling fan, finished the tub, removed the laundry hookups in the kitchen and rebuilt the wall, rewired some new outlets in that grey bedroom and replaced all the missing baseboard and trim in the rest of the house!  Hot Damn!

bathroom trim



So yes, it’s the least I can do tomorrow before we continue on to our holiday.


back bedroom

FYI….You might have noticed that we are using Blue (waterproof) drywall here there and everywhere alongside the regular stuff in our patches and wall repairs.  The Peterborough Home Depot puts all damaged drywall on sale for 50% off.  Since we usually crush corners and/or have the full sheets cut it down for us to fit in the pathfinder anyhow, this is an amazing deal, and why you are seeing a mix and match.  YYYEaaaahhhh deals!

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