when it rains it pours

Last weekend we worked and worked and worked, and on Sunday night when we looked around, it seemed like nothing had changed.  Crazy discouraging but sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

Our attempt at gluing the under-mount kitchen sink to the stone counter was a dismal failure.  We had placed  adhesive to the edges of the sink then flipped the counter upside down and put a bunch of heavy stuff on top of the sink once in place thinking that would do the trick…um no.  Note to self, a double sink full of water is going to be 100 pounds or more…this is serious stuff.

While Dale got to work peeling off the adhesive for round two I got on google for some expert advice on mounting a sink.  No joking around, you need the following to do this job properly.

  • A set of bar clamps of suitable length
  • A piece of 2″ x 4″, longer than the width of the sink
  • Solvent, such as denatured alcohol, to clean the surface
  • Transparent silicone caulk
  • Epoxy resin adhesive for granite or natural stone (we used 3m marine adhesive thanks to Dale’s sailboat repair know how)
  • 80-grit sandpaper
  • Utility knife (with new blade)

There’s no easy way to do this job.  It takes 2 people and one of them is going to get covered with adhesive.  Make sure you are wearing safety glasses and crappy clothes if you are the person going into the cabinet to fix the sink from underneath.  Goop is going to drip all over you (and the inside of the cabinet), it will harden and peel off easily once dry, but that’s small consolation if it’s in your hair.  ha.

Our second kick in the teeth came when it was time to assemble the ceiling fans.

We got a deal on these fans $50 each from Home Depot and while the style wasn’t our favorite, the price was worth the compromise and we happily loaded the pathfinder with 7 of them. 

Dale was busy swapping out the kitchen plumbing and electrical and I set up on the front porch to put together the 7 fans.  No sweat since the box said 5min or less…what a shit show.

fan assembly central

Try as I might I could not get one put together.  I called in for help and after Dale reamed me out for hastily putting this together and essentially ruining all the components he opened a fresh box to show me how to put a fan together properly!   Well guess what?  He couldn’t get it together either.  First off, the parts included don’t match what the manual indicates.  Secondly, the screw are so cheap they strip immediately.  Third, none of the pre-drilled holes are the right size for the parts and also aren’t aligned properly.  Total piece of crap at any price.

Luckily the Depot has a great no questions asked return policy so 2 hours into the 5 min installation, back these craptastic fans went.  We went with good ol Hampton Bay fans instead. and managed to get an extra 10 bucks off each fan thanks to them ringing in at the wrong price at check out.  Gotta love that Scanner Accuracy Code of Practice!  Don’t be afraid to call a store out if your items don’t ring in as marked; we saved ourselves $140 by watching the register and speaking up.

3 hours after I had first started tackling the fan hurdle I got back at it.  Guess what? these guys must be assembled in place aka dangling from the ceiling, power off so wires can be bare, arms stretched over head, balancing on a ladder….AARRRCCCGGG! I think it was at this point that I cracked and admitted the house had me beat.   I reluctantly went inside and  asked Dale if he could help me put them up once he was done with all his fun in the basement…sigh.

In the meantime I patched and mudded all the holes, cracks, dents, seams in the walls I could find cause apparently there’s no shortage of work to do round here…

front bedroom patching

middle bedroom patching
Bathroom patching

kitchen patching

Before calling it a day, we did manage to squeeze in the fan assembly.

We got 2 Re-Store fans up (already assembled, Hampton Bay with remotes for $20 each) .  One looks like it has a bad light housing which is total drag.  Once we threw the power back on the blades  were spinning, and the remote works but no light…arrrrg.

Re-Stores usually test everything before selling, and while the Peterborough location claims to follow this practice, but it’s our experience that often times that’s not the case.  There are some serious quality issues with the Peterborough location that need ironing out.  They’ve been cleaning house (some of the difficult staff are gone) and I think some new management is in the works so perhaps it will  soon be as good as the rest of the organization…

Living room be damned, for now we will just enjoy having something other than a bare bulb hanging in the kitchen.

kitchen fan in!

Next up were the 4 bedroom fans upstairs.  With the main electrical power shut off again we got to work putting them up.   Some of the ceiling electrical boxes/mounts needed to be reinforced and repaired by Dale to make sure the fans would  stay up on the ceiling  and not rocket off.  Once that was done it was just a matter of jointing the wires (red and blue are hot, white is neutral and green is ground) and screwing in all those tiny screws, blades, plates and pieces.   By the second fan we were pros, and no stripped screws!

bedroom fans

Power back on , and for the final moral crushing blow of the evening 2 of the 4 fans we installed (fresh out of the sealed box) have motor issues and need to be disassembled and taken back down.   AAARRRRHHHHHGGGG!

upper bedroom fan

So what have I learnt from this wretched day?

No matter how much you spend or where you buy ceiling fans, there appears to be an at least 50% failure rate.  You need to know this going in, and take it in stride when you have to take the damn things back down again.    Leave yourself an hour per fan for assembly time, and then double that for dis-assembly and returning of product, and that’s how much time you will need.

middle bedroom fan

And it’s nice to have a fans overhead now that it’s hot!  Makes that  air mattress sleep just a little better, grin.

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One thought on “when it rains it pours

  1. Tamara says:

    Hateful beasts.

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