the old fashioned way

On Monday Night it was time to lug the cupboards out of the front bedroom and into the kitchen.  Drywall was up, the last of the peeling paint was scraped free and Dale had finished off  laying the last of the kitchen floor. Some of the pieces round the pipes and back stairwell were a bit of a pain, but nothing a little adhesive couldn’t manage.

see Dale smiling?  That’s because he doesn’t know what’s to come….


Just because we bought IKEA cabinets doesn’t mean we have to use their on-line layout software does it? Bah, what’s the fun in that?!  What ever happened to doing things the old fashioned way?

Just shoving things around the room till you are exhausted happy with the layout?  hahahaha


Okay so not the best idea, but we couldn’t wait. There comes a point when you need to get over the demolition hump and do that last push to make you feel like you are getting somewhere with your project. We needed to see the kitchen realized before we locked the doors and headed back to the city.

This kitchen is a bit of a challenge because it has 5 doorways and 2 windows to contend with, but we managed to make it work…





And the debate is still on as to whether or not to put in our 1800’s cabinet on that wall between the stairwell and the bathroom or leave it empty. So beautiful, so sensible for storage, but a real beast.

Storage unit
What do you think?


We are going to go with floating shelves above the counters, and so far are planning to use subway tile for the back splash since it went so well upstairs…not sure if we will go for a clean white tile or something in a natural tone that picks up on the flecks in the stone of the counter top.

I’d be happy with this sort of a finish, and I am pretty sure we even have that hanging light kicking around in storage someplace, ha.

image via apartmenttherapy

Did I mention Dale has to pull up part of the flooring and move the plumbing/drains and electrical to the opposite side of the room to realize my vision?

He took it in stride with a “it’s not a big deal, lets do it!”

Love you Honey!

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