the haunted attic…

My brother-in-law is a Hvac genius and our ‘Go To’ guy for furnaces. We are often each others guinea pigs, but sometimes Desmond gets the short end of the stick.

The Berryman House was a nightmare with only a 3 foot crawl space and trapdoor in the floor to cram the furnace through, ug.

The Ridley House had a 7 foot ceiling, but by the time we got around to installing the furnace and on demand water tank every bit of room down there was crammed to the rafters with the contents of Dale’s former office space, double ug.
I was sooo happy to show off the HUGE and empty 8.5 foot basement at Rubidge and let him do his magic in a great space.  The old beast of  a boiler was taken out and we decided to finish off the rest of the installation the following day.  We headed off to the luxury of the Quality Inn (and running water) while Des decided to rough it out on the foldout bed and get a super early start.
front yard from porch.  It's since been landscaped
No one had spent the night yet so we didn’t realize the craziness going on up in the attic.  Poor Des had a sleepless night of noisy twisting metal, thumps from upstairs, crashes and bangs.

Haunted?   Sounded like it….haunted by the ghosts of cruddy owners from the past more like it.  ha.

Basically the old roof had holes everywhere, and once the new roof went on the wretched pigeons, who were determined to keep living up there, started pushing at the gaps in the cruddy metal fascia and soffits forcing their way into the third floor space and making a horrible noise all night long.  Who knew?

Now the new soffits and fascia are on, those determined buggers are still circling round the roofline, but there’s no getting in…move it along bub, there’s no room at the inn.

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