crazy bout subway tile

I am obsessed with subway tile.
LOOOOVE IT and can’t get enough!

Look how good the tub surround turned out!  Don’t you just love it?
The hand glazed bricks are slightly varied in their shades of white and the resulting random pattern is quite lovely. Dale picked up the tiles from the Stone Tile clearance outlet for $1.14 a square foot. AMAZING!  We picked a matte finish 3×6 field tile style based on info we learned about historically authentic subway tiles from this site.

There was hardly any waste once I got the hang of the tile saw and realized tiny chips from the edge weren’t the end of the world, the grout covers them lickity split.
We got a little ahead of ourselves and mixed up the mortar before researching what we needed to use for spacers…whoops. Thank God for the I-phone, google and this handy tile setter FAQ.  These fellas seemed to think that no spacers are actually needed for 90% of modern subway tiles, so we dove in spacer free.  And it worked! We got all the tiles up on the wall in 4 hours…cleaning up all the hardened mortar took another hour…sigh. Note to self, wipe and clean as you go!
mid grout
I did the grout in the powder room floor so I guess that makes me the official grouter.  Dale put me in charge of this job while he finished installing the kitchen floor.  Second note to self, don’t mix the WHOLE box of grout, a little goes a long way….whoops.

Confession time, I really enjoy grouting. Yup…fave reno job so far….maybe taking a weekend off to go the the cottage between setting the tiles and filling the tiles helped a bit as well, grin.

The bathroom has come a long way, a couple more passes at sanding and mudding and we will be ready to paint!



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