This is actually an improvement

To clean a mess you’ve got to make a mess…or so I am always telling Dale.  Well he’s one upped me on this one.

Basically I was banished from the bathroom until the dust settled, and then the grand unveiling of the grand un-doing began.

not only was that wretched outdated vanity gone

but so was all the cracked plaster, broken tiles and nasty flooring.


Best of all, the dirty ugly green tub and it’s mildewed liner was gone, and Dale also found the time to put in a fresh new toilet!
This all doesn’t look like progress but trust me when I tell you it is.  Now the walls are pulled down to the lath we can get to work putting it all back together.  Often it’s easier and cheaper to start from scratch if you don’t have much faith in the previous owners handiwork.  Taking walls out gives you a chance to see what has actually gone on before you got there and also allows for pretty easy customization so you can move forward with exactly what you want instead of limiting your choices to working around junk and trying to make everything fit.

In this case we were able to remove some pipes that weren’t in the greatest spots, install electrical outlets, shore up the sub-floor and make sure everything was level and even before we put down the new flooring.

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