not for the faint of heart

I am so excited to show you how the upstairs bathroom is coming along, but of course I forgot the memory card full of photos  at the cottage…so instead I will fuel the fires of suspense and present the horror show of  BEFORE images I do have with me…


bathroom before
Not so bad you say? That’s cause I have spared you the zoom.
Lets just say those planter pots filled with dirt were the cleanest things in this room.

Now it’s time to look up….waaaaaay up.
bathroom before
Yes this is a rusty ol capless  exhaust fan. Cracks and bad plaster patching aside, just check out the residue on that thar ceiling.  Apparently having a schmoke on the can was pretty common place.
bathroom before
Tired cultured marble vanity, check. Burnt out light-bulbs, check.  Missing tiles, check.   Dripping hot water tap, Wicked!

But wait dear reader, I have saved the best for last!

What do you think is worse, this avocado green tub…
bathroom before
or this rancid toilet and the surrounding floor and stained wall tiles…
bathroom before
And here is my tip for a job like this,

No matter how small your budget, or how cheap you are, this is one of those times to do a ‘dip to the hip’ and pay some hourly laborers to come in.   Relax, you will smile to yourself in the firm knowledge and assurance that that was the best hundred dollars you have ever spent with every disgusted cry coinciding perfectly  with every slosh of the toilet water as they carry the load down the stairs and out the door.  Good work homeowner!

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One thought on “not for the faint of heart

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