How you like them apples?

By the end of the first weekend the cupboards were torn out, the walls were scrubbed clean, the trim had been painted glossy white and 3/4 of the new kitchen floor was laid.

We decided to go with the laminate floating floor in the kitchen because

  1. it’s crazy hard wearing
  2. it reminds me of the floor in my old country house (another tale for another day dear reader)
  3. it was CHEAP!

When I say cheap, I mean cheeeeeeap.  We got enough of this flooring to do the kitchen and the entire 3rd floor attic space, and guess how much it cost?  go on, guess…$200 for a thousand square feet.  yup!

When you are on a tight budget it makes sense to look for things in unlikely places.  Ikea has some click flooring on for $1.49.  You can find some options at Home Depot for as low as 89 cents, but it’s pretty crappy stuff.  Our wide plank, distressed hickory flooring was found searching  local kijiji ads.   20 cents yo!!

Laminate flooring goes down super easy so you can also save on the instillation costs and give it a try yourself.  All you need is a level surface underneath, a roll of plastic underlay, wood block & mallet, tape measure, pencil and a chop saw (which you can easily rent).  It goes much faster if there are two of you laying the floor, one on hand and knee fitting while the other cuts and makes the board selections.

These dudes do a pretty great job of showing just how easy and fast it is to do a room.  Watch and learn.


  • There are usually 6 or 7 distinctive patterns in each batch of laminate boards.  You want to make sure they are staggered so you don’t end up with an obvious repeating pattern, nothing screams tacky like being too matchy matchy!
  • Use a wooden block laid horizontally against the ends of your boards that you are tapping into place.  It will absorb the force of the mallet and keep your boards from splitting.  You can use any old scrap of wood and a regular hammer so don’t go buying some silly specialty tapping block setup.
  • If you are the kneeler do your old bones a favour and grab a gardening pad from the dollar store.  You will be using it for other handy jobs so it’s a pretty great thing to have around and this little tip just saved you 12 bucks so next round of coffee’s on you!
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One thought on “How you like them apples?

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